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Touristic Garden

Take a fascinating journey in the Carnivorous Garden. Go with your family in search of the man-eating-tree!

Young and old, hand in hand, discover intriguing and misunderstood world, those of carnivorous plants.

In our projection room, you will first discover the inner life of these plants. With sensitised senses, you will then enter in our garden which consists of mysterious swamps and bogs. Then, a nursery, fulled with thousands of carnivorous plants will learn you all about their culture.

And who knows, if you were able to find your child’s mind, perhaps you’ll leave with a cannibal tree plantlet…

In search of the canibal tree…

The discoveries of unknown lands in the heyday of precolonial explorations fueled the collective unconscious of the White Man’s many myths and fantasies. Among these, the cannibal tree, supposed to swallow half a dozen fierce warriors afraid, is one of the most powerful. It has survived the ages to lurk in the background in the world of carnivorous plants. That’s why we made it the « totem » of our carnivorous garden.

Garden member to charter of the Botanical Garden of France.

Collection accredited « National Collection » by the French Conservatory of Specialised Vegetable Collections.



Where are we?


Access :
Gers Department in the heart of Midi-Pyrénées Region, on the D518 road, between Roquelaure and Lavardens villages, at 13 km at the north-west of Auch, very close to Peyrusse-Massas village.

GPS coordinates: Longitude 000°33’46.51E / Latitude 043°44’22.88N

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 Le Gers

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The Carnivorous Garden
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